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Realistic + Recovery= Results

NASM Certified Personal trainer, Yoga Alliance Regd. Teacher & Adaptive Recovery ConsULtant


Few things can grab the ol’ attention like a before-and-after photo display, so here we are! Okay, actually, there I was—in the photo at left, I’m 22; in the pic to the right, I’m 33. I trust you can see the difference.


So how did I get from Column A to Column B? Believe it or not, there were no pills, fad diets, and/or magic shakes involved. Instead, I committed to smart, small goals and focused on feeling good about my slow, steady progress—with nutrition, with workouts, with body, with my mind.


It’s a simple matter of science. The proper ratio of exercise to recovery/active recovery is what your body needs. Another “quick fix” scheme is definitely what none of us needs. The proof is in the second picture and I promise you, Realistic + Recovery = Results.


The equation is all laid out right there. And I'm here help to check your math. So if you’re looking for a sign, it’s right at the top of this page—it’s the one that says, “Book Online.”


Take it active, or easy,


Jon :-)

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