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Realistic + Recovery= Results

Have you ever seen someone get a six-pack while  they're working out? If not, read on... 


Realistic + Recovery= Results

NASM Certified Personal trainer, Yoga Alliance Regd. Teacher & Adaptive Recovery ConsULtant

Jonathan abrams

Both of these Guys are me...

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When you’re short on time with all that life throws at you, it’s easy to let health and fitness disappear from your to-do list. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Our in-home personal training services guarantee that getting healthy and staying fit is never a problem again.


We’re happy to work with two clients at a time ($90), as well as three ($110). Group classes of four or more are also no problem, at a rate of just $10 per additional participant. Price increases will also be included in all promotions and packages, adjusted for each specific upgrade.

Short on time and wish someone could instantly optimize your workout? Looking for a professional fitness edge to push you to the next level? Or do you just avoid the gym out of worry that maybe you’re doing everything wrong?


Whatever your reason—and there are thousands more—our online

personal training services offer an ideal solution.


R3 Fitness will create a program to match your schedule that will fit you

like custom workout gear. Through Trainerize, we send you personalized workout plans and video demonstrations. For an additional fee, we also

offer live consultations and training sessions through Skype.



Jon Abrams

NASM Cert. Personal Trainer,

Adaptive Recovery Consultant, Wearable Fitness Tech Expert & Yoga Alliance Regd. Teacher

Tel: 1-888-970-1163

Main Office- Chicago, IL

Email- rthreefitness@google.com

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